Science Village

Centrale Nantes hosting the science village in 2019!

Centrale Nantes has been taking part in the Fête de la Science (national science fair) for over ten years now and opening its doors to the public during Science Week. For its centennial year, Centrale Nantes will open its campus and host the science village on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 October 2019.

Three key themes have been defined in the Pays-de-la-Loire region: gender equality; energy transition; scientific and technical progress.

The Fête de la Science concerns nevertheless all sciences; all topics can be explored and all initiatives can find their place on the Centrale Nantes campus.

What is a Science Village?

A science village brings together in one place, different spaces dedicated to science. Simple and more spectacular experiments complement exhibitions, conferences, shows, screenings, etc. Visit the stands, to experiment, test, discuss and ask the researchers present your questions. Science villages can be held in the heart of your city or village, in tents or pagodas.

Centrale Nantes opens its doors to the public…

People of all ages can come along to discover our engineering school, campus, research and experimentation facilities, teaching buildings, and our "sheep lawn mowers"...

And that's not all…

This event will be the opportunity for high school students to meet our faculty and engineering students, and attend a careers forum. Presentations will be given on the different courses, options, double degrees at home and abroad ... and there will be a round table on the training programme.
Published on April 11, 2019 Updated on September 19, 2019