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Monday 30 September - Centrale inLab

[For members of staff only]

This visit is part of the "Centrale in Lab" programme, which gives staff and students several opportunities per year to discover the test platforms, ongoing research and research teams at Centrale Nantes. # DécouvreTonEcole

Tuesday 1st October - CRED Forum #2


[Invitation only]

The Dynamic and Static Test Centre (CRED) at Centrale Nantes is organising a forum on 1st October:

"Towards an enhanced vision of material characterisation"

Programme: presentations and demonstrations focusing on quasi-static and dynamic instrumented tests.

New in 2018:
Ultra-fast camera - 4 million images/second
6-axis Hexapod system
Fast hydraulic machine control

A one-hour morning and afternoon presentation.

Themes explored:

  • Experimental methods for composite processing
  • Rheological behavior of viscous composites with multi-scale reinforcement
  • Nonparametric modelling of material behavior
  • Estimation of static and dynamic constraints without behaviour laws
  • Dynamic rupture of elastomers
  • Additive manufacturing and mechanical characterization
  • High pulsed power for forming and assembly processeses


  • Multi-axis hexapod tests
  • Rupture tracking by ultra-high speed camera
  • Rupture testing on architectured materials
  • Rheological measurements of composites with image correlation analysis
  • Fatigue on mini-structures with image correlation tracking
  • Fast traction for the behaviour of viscoelastic materials
  • Multiaxial fatigue of elastomers with or without defects
  • Crash energy absorber using composite materials

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Published on April 11, 2019 Updated on September 2, 2019